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As a health care provider in USA I needed a site that was a blend of good reliable information in a easy readable format and pleasant esthetics.

The site that Govind Navali helped me put together has exceeded my expectations. I've been getting very positive feedback from both patients and colleagues about it and some have said it's one of the best eyecare websites they've seen!

Govind Navali helped me craft a site that has the aesthetic I was looking for while being very functional. He proved to be extremely knowledgeable about the entire process and did a great job of explaining it to me as we went along. He gave me the tools I needed to figure out the design elements I wanted and gave me valuable feedback about what would make the site work better. This gave me the opportunity to compare different ideas and get clear about my preferences. He was very professional throughout the process and always responded in a timely manner to my questions. I had a virus intrusion to my website and Govind spent many hours with the hosting company to diagnose the problem and fix it in a timely fashion.

I would not hesitate to recommend Govind Navali to any colleague who is planning to develop a website.

Dr.Keshav Bhat O D,
Austin Village Eye Care

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When you are starting up a new company you need to make everything happen quickly and on time, representing the business you are trying to create accurately and creatively. Essentially you need great people and organizations to help you.

For our website, we found that right person and company and it was Mr.Govind Navaliand his Plavanga operation.

First of all he really, listened to us. He got what we were trying to say and came back with the right ideas and concepts that we were looking for but could not translate into creation ourselves.

He then turned these concepts into a solution that was exactly what we needed and did this in our timeframe that required a very fast turnaround, on time. The most amazing thing was that for all this Plavanga prices are very reasonable.

Mr.Govindís ability to deliver in every aspect of our requirements was fantastic and we rely more and more on him to deliver quickly when we need new tours or itineraries to be added.

Our website is easy to navigate, provides our customers and potential customers with the information they need and is attracting an increased number of enquiries

There is no doubt that we will recommend him now and in the future for his organizationís ability when it comes to cost effective, reliable, creative and performing website manufacture.

By all means, please call me if you would like to know more about what Plavanga has been able to do for us.

Yours Sincerely
Sumaiya Ali
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SeQuinn Consultin

Plavanga has given us the best possible services. They have always helped us to chose the best portal, cost effective, latest tools and design specific. I wish them all the success in their future endevours. 

Dharani - MD SeQuinn Consulting.


We have known Mr. Govind Navali since 4 years as a web designer.  He has created excellent websites among which our websites are a few among them.  He has an uncanny knowledge with respect to the intricate designing and management of the websites apart from having a creative, realistic and superior intuition in organizing different and even convoluted tasks. He has been able to also design attractive interactive websites.  Wish him all the best in all his endeavors and congratulations to him for having launched his new website

Dr. Anil Sangli, Consultant Neurosurgeon & S. Sripad, Certified Financial PlannerCM

Nature's Nest

Its was Gods Grace that we have Mr.Govind Navali with us for buisness project developments.

Mr.Govind Navali is very much dedicated to his profession. He is a person who thinks differently and comes out with cool, innovative ideas to match our concept.

When we struggling for the making of our website. It was Navali who helped us  overall to make this wonderful site. Wherein he has taken lot of strain to make the site attractive as it should be, not to forget each and every small aspects of the site has been done with accuracy.Website is very much user friendly.

My sincere thanks to Govind Navali to be very much  patient to hear to us , to craft this site with amazing ideas in each page with a very reasonable cost & the Site was launched on time.

If anybody is searching to make your business more effective through website i would say Plavanga organization is the best in terms of effeciency, reasonable rates, creativity.

We at Nature's Nest are proud to say that our website has been crafted by Govind Navali.

To Have a glimpse of his can log on to
Roopa Pradeep
Nature's Nest

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